Group performance & publication

Draconis Lacrimae is built upon the collective stories and creatures generated during a Fantasy Rol Playing Game campaign. Taking the detailed rules systems from these games as a starting point, the piece explores how representations of identity are saturated with fantasy and speculation.

Role-playing games function as textual and pre-digital tools of identity exploration and world-building, as they invite participants to occupy a liminal role located at the boundaries of person, player and character; a process very similar to that of performance.

The characters and stories in Draconis Lacrimae are created from the intimate biography of each performer. The problematic staging of the performer’s identities, through fantasy tropes, questions how representations of gender, race or illness can create necessary categories that end up generating domination and segregation nonetheless. The fictional world created by the players-performers is the ground in which their diverse subjectivities can coexist and relate to each other without the burden of prejudices installed in realistic narrations.

Draconis Lacrimae is the fourth installment of the Dragon Pieces, a series of works initiated by Pablo and Federico that fluctuate between monstrosity and transindividual fantasy. Through practices as diverse as synchronized swimming or Role Playing Games, the Dragon Pieces explore representations of collectivity that question hegemonic forms of belonging and narrating ourselves.


Concept and game design: Pablo Lilienfeld & Federico Vladimir

Creation and performance: Joshua Serafin, Camilo Mejía Cortés, Anaël Snoek, Pablo Lilienfeld & Federico Vladimir

Sound Talismans by Silvia Weidenbach

The Alien Druid Monologue and Dramaturgical assistance: Sabina Urraca

Corolian Queen: Gustavo Gláuber

Illustration: Roi Pardo

Light Design: Hadrien Jeangette

Scenography and videos: Federico Vladimir

Music and sound design: Pablo Lilienfeld

The Alien Druid Song lyrics: Pythagoras (Ovid's Metamorphoses)

Translator: Jara Lindsay

Production design: Gustavo Del Rio Prieto

Co-producers: Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid (ES)

Supported by wpZimmer (BE), AC/E Acción Cultural Española, Spanish Embassy in Belgium

Residency support: wpZimmer (BE), workspacebrussels / Kaai Studios / Ultima Vez (BE), kunstencentrum BUDA (BE), CC Jacques Franck (BE)

Thanks to Julia Rubies, Nathaniel Moore, Mario Barrantes, a.pass, Federico Protto, Laura Kumin, Javier Cuevas and Matías Daporta


Fetival Bâtard. November 2022, Brussels

Corpo (a) Terra 2021, Gondomar (Galicia). Review by Afonso Becerra in ARTEZBLAI (Spanish)

Premiered at Me Gustas Pixelad_ 2021, at La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Photos by Nacho G. Riaza