Dance, synchronized swimming

“Water flows through and across difference.”
Astrida Neimanis

Composition for six synchronized swimmers and a swimming-pool, merging dance, sports, hydro-feminism and speculative fiction.

The surface of the pool becomes the screen where the fiction plays out: a transindividual self that is dismembered and joined together through liquid and formed by the multiple subjectivity of the six swimmers.

Usually, at a synchronised swimming competition the judges deduct marks for not smiling, for having strands of hair out of place or for touching the bottom of the pool. In this dishevelled dragon, similarity, difference, synchrony and asynchrony all coexist. It doesn’t always smile and not only does it touch the bottom of the pool, it lies in rest there.

Dragon, rest your head on the seabed is the first installment of the Dragon Pieces, a series of works initiated by Pablo and Federico that fluctuate between monstrosity and transindividual fantasy. Through practices as diverse as synchronized swimming or Role Playing Games, the Dragon Pieces explore representations of collectivity that question hegemonic forms of belonging and narrating ourselves.


Concept & choreography Pablo Lilienfeld and Federico Vladimir

Performed by Julia Echevarría, Andrea Fuertes, Conchi Iruela, Esther Mora, Carolina Pino and Irene Toledano

Costume design: Roi Pardo

Make up artist: Lucía de la Fuente

Light design: Maxi Gilbert

Music: Pablo Lilienfeld

Performance coach: Alessandro Sciarroni

Trainer: Alicia Sanz

Video documentation: Federico Vladimir

Production: Ciertas Producciones and Veranos de la Villa

A Veranos de la Villa 2018 production

The research phase was conducted as part of the Research Studios program at P.A.R.T.S., in Brussels

Acknowledgments: Maral Kekejian, AD Sincro Retiro, Centro Deportivo Municipal de Vicálvaro, Lola Lasurt, Julia Rubies Subiros, Virginia Galván, María Gómez and Bojana Cvejic


Dangerous When Wet, Copenhagen Contemporary

Festival Pedra Viva, Hauser & Wirth gallery, Menorca

Site-specific version
La Alhóndiga / Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao

Santarcangelo Festival, Italy

Premiere 22+23/08/2018
Veranos de la Villa, Madrid


“Fiction becomes tangible matter, a corporal state. Playing with the idea of a fictitious identity and the possibilities given to us by the unreal (yes, we can dance, rest and move inside water, we can be monstrous and defy the states of matter), this dragon doesn’t represent an established musicality nor does it fill in pre-determined choreographic pigeon holes. Tonight this monster has existed for fifty-five minutes in this dry Madrid summer night, which from now on is also marine”.

Ana Folguera for EXIT Express

Photos by Andrea Beade and Enrique Escorza

Hauser & Wirth Menorca - Pedra Viva Festival. Photos by David Arguimbau