Durational performance

Hydra is a choral exercise that explores the way in which individual expression is simultaneously producing and produced within a group. It is a fiction that must be collectively sustained, a moving creature that exceeds individuals but needs each one in order to exist.

The hydra, a mythological being with many heads, is our technology: an extension of what we are, a way of narrating us to ourselves. Sweating and whispering, talking and dancing, in this geometry of desire we jointly create a sequence, a pattern where the collective and the individual alternate in an endless chain of fiction and repetition.

Hydra is the second installment of the Dragon Pieces, a series of works initiated by Pablo and Federico that fluctuate between monstrosity and transindividual fantasy. Through practices as diverse as synchronized swimming or Role Playing Games, the Dragon Pieces explore representations of collectivity that question hegemonic forms of belonging and narrating ourselves.


Concept by Pablo Lilienfeld and Federico Vladimir

Created and performed by Félix Fernández, Janet Novás, Anaël Snoek, Federico Vladimir & Pablo Lilienfeld

Initiated during the Research Studios research program, P.A.R.T.S. Brussels.

With the support of: Programa de Residencias Artísticas Paraíso (Galicia), Festival SÂLMON< (Barcelona) and MACBA (Barcelona)

Thanks to Laura Villanueva

Video documentation Miguel Carballo Maceiras and Federico Vladimir


Tribuna Pública, La Coruña

Salmon Festival / MACBA, Barcelona

Residencias Paraíso, Santiago de Compostela. Spain