Work in progress

Monica is the name of our two mothers. This coincidence has fascinated us since we began our relationship: they were both born in Argentina in the 1950s, daughters of European war refugees. Monica Lilienfeld was a painter who died very young, in 1986. Monica Pezdirc posed nude throughout her life in the erotic photographs taken by her husband. The images created by both our mothers will be the source material to design this new project.

Monica will seek to subvert linear and teleological genealogy. Maternal and non-heteronormative horizontal relations will be as important as patrilineal verticality. In Monica, the trees of reproductive genealogy intermingle, forming a web of possible worlds and possible times; a tentacular genealogy of non-hegemonic maternities and speculative telenovelas. Thus a genealogical ecology is formed in which not only the epic of wars, migrations and other patriarchal-historicist narratives coexist, but also include those that have been left out: expected and unexpected relatives, ghosts, lovers, viruses, gestures, non-human animals, songs, monsters and more.

Supported by Auditorio de Tenerife, Residencias Paraíso / RPM, MIT Ribadavia, La Poderosa, Festival Plataforma, Graner / Mercat de les Flors, Tanzhaus Zurich, workspacebrussels and C-TAKT.